Sharon Kelly, MA, PCC, BCC

Sharon Kelly, MA, PCC, BCC

Sharon has helped hundreds of people eliminate tolerations, create clarity and build confidence and traction. She inspires leaders and professionals at various junctures and life stages to live their best selves. Create inner change for outward, game changing impact; realize the outcomes you aspire to achieve over time.

Learn how to put mindfulness into motion to pivot in the moment and shift both your mindset and behaviour to realize your aspirations.   Through heightened awareness of self, discover your own patterns and use simple tools to create and sustain changes and create a more generative way of narrating your life, leadership and career.

Sharon is a Certified Life Coach, Wellness Coaching Specialist, Narrative Coach Practitioner and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation. She has completed Gottman Couples Therapy Level 1 and Level 2 and is an approved member of Gottman Relationship Checkup for use in relationship coaching.

Develop yourself in real time and achieve real results for the future.  

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
— Romans 12:2
Gottman Approved Member

How You Define Success?

What is currently challenging you?  What are your pain points? How are you handling life, career, self?  Is your hand open or clenched in a tight fist?  It takes courage to open up!  An open hand can be a metaphor for both a "letting go of" ... perhaps of an old perception, pattern or way of thinking as well as a metaphor for being open to change, blessings and newness of life -  at all stages and in all of life's transitions. 

Sharon has a strong belief in the brilliance of people.  Everyone has gifts and talents to define, strengthen, celebrate, enjoy, and share.  Each one of us may also have a limiting mindset that when shifted can dramatically change our lived experience. What is your vision of success for your life. Design a life that fulfills what matters most to you.

My clients tell me that I provide a safe space to explore possibilities, challenge assumptions and address issues in a thoughtful and inspiring way. Together we create a map of what success is and then set out to explore where they are currently and what shifts they will make to their current experience. Each client explores ways they get “stuck” that keep them from living their best self and the kinds of inner transformations that will support outward change. Every single client I have worked with tells me they have taken something of benefit from our coaching conversations.
— Sharon Kelly