Leadership, Career & Life Transitions

Sharon's clients have worked on a wide variety of projects and aspects of self-development. All of them come to coaching with a desire to gain traction on what they want to accomplish and the personal and professional ways they will develop in order to do that.  Live your life “on purpose” with change that starts with how you narrate your life, define your purpose and values by which you live. When you look at your life and your satisfaction with your relationships, your career and your sense of well-being, what do you notice? Which transition is next in your life? Will it be successful? Partner with a coach who absolutely believes in your capacity for heightened self-awareness, resourcefulness and ability to attend to your own habits and patterns. Understand your own brain, how it works and how to outsmart it. Live life on purpose, with passion and successfully make that next transition You most definitely can turn the page and start a new chapter.

Transition Coaching For Leaders

Value comes in asking the right questions, at the right time, in the right manner. As a leader, sometimes you need a thinking partner to identify the best and easiest way to accomplish something or solve a problem. Who do you need to become to achieve what you most want to accomplish? A coach will listen to you in a manner that will assist you to hear yourself, raise awareness and think creatively and expansively regarding how to approach an opportunity, explore what is and what you want instead.

Transition Coaching for Life and Wellbeing

What is your current change challenge? Make changes in a way that you feel empowered. Fundamental questions that cut to the core of the matter will assist you to think bigger, enhance awareness, gain fresh perspectives, cross personal thresholds to find new ways of being in the world. Create brave, wholehearted connections that support health, wellbeing and happiness. Collaborative coaching involves conversations that matter to you and that support you in developing awareness and behaviour change that enhances resilience and belonging, as you create your whole-hearted, zestful, authentic life.

Transition Coaching for Careers

Do you feel stuck or unfulfilled in your current position? Career visioning, defining choices and developing skills, emotional intelligence, inter-personal and inter-cultural competency might be what you need now. Hiring a coach will bring out your best. Bringing your personal best is what makes life fulfilling, engaging and successful. Strategize with your coach to identify the next steps in your action plan and who you need to be to make that next career move. A growth mindset will fuel your personal development like nothing else.

Group Facilitation and Workshops

Successful Transitions will tailor what your group most needs in a workshop. Group facilitation is provided and curriculum developed to suit your learning outcomes. Following are just some of the workshop topics that have been facilitated for groups.

  • Priority, Energy and Time Management

  • Mindfully Thinking

  • The Role of Boundaries in Healthy Relationships

  • The Growth Mindset and How it Will Change Your Life

  • My Well-Life Vision and Plan

  • Tame Your Inner Critic

  • Cultural Intelligence: What is it and Why You Need It

  • Discovering and Managing Unconcious Bias

If you elect to start with a workshop, research would strongly suggest you engage in follow-up coaching conversations in order to put the new knowledge and skills learned in the workshop into practice.

“The authors found that while their training intervention with managers increased manager productivity by 22%, adding a one-to-one (8-week) coaching intervention after the training pushed productivity to 88%”

— Olivero, G., Bane, K.D., and Kopelman, R.E.

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