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My goal at Successful Transitions is to help my clients be even more successful than they are now, be even better leaders, better teammates, more resilient and grounded than they are now by helping them to heighten awareness and make shifts to transition careers, levels of wellbeing, leadership of self or others. Clients design purposefully driven transitions that lead to greater satisfaction and success.

I love to work with clients who are going to be incredibly successful with my help. I get rave reviews from clients and, frankly, I do like having such a phenomenal reputation and want to keep it. If working with me isn’t going to give you an amazing return on your investment, then I can offer suggestions for other resources and coaches that might be helpful in your particular situation.  I want my website to be overflowing with awesome reviews and I personally want you to be as successful as you can be, even if that means you do not work with me. Find someone who resonates with your style and preferences. Contact me to find out if I am that person for you. Check out what to expect from my process for working with clients here

Listen to Schmidt explain that athletes, actors and even the CEO of Google has someone coaching them. This does not mean they are under-performing , rather, it means that coaching can serve everyone from emerging leaders to surgeons; everyone could benefit from coaching in the video below.