I had the pleasure of working with Sharon as my coach. She was fantastic. She asked really challenging questions that caused me to pause and dig deep into my topics. When I asked her to change directions with me, she absolutely had my back. I found Sharon to be a delight to work with. She held me accountable, picked-up where we left off every session and has superhero intuition skills.

I highly recommend Sharon for your coach!
— Cindy Hooker, Gold Dog Consulting
Sharon has a great presence, she is a strong coach with wonderful listening skills. She has the ability to support you on your journey with quiet reassurance and deep questions.
— Maeve O'Byrne, Cumhacht Coaching and Consulting Services
In early 2016, in response to the complex global refugee crisis, leaders in the coaching communities of Athens, Greece and Vancouver Island, Canada began exploring ways to apply coaching support at local levels. I met Sharon through this rewarding pro-bono coaching initiative. Sharon led the evaluation stream of the enterprise and contributed her time and expertise generously. She helped all of us evaluate the effectiveness of the initiative and bring it to closure. I would always welcome another opportunity to collaborate with Sharon.
— Natasha Music-Laketic, EI-Leader
Sharon is truly interested in you and your growth. I was experiencing strong emotions as a result of actions taken by others. Sharon’s masterful use of coaching tools released my frustration and hurt in a single coaching session. Through guided exploration of my options and intentions I was able to release past dynamics and experience peace around these relationships as well as within myself. This was a radical shift and a great gift. To engage in exploration of your mindset around any topic make the decision to work with Sharon.
— Elizabeth Saigal, CLC, MySpire Coaching
Sharon is a gifted coach. She effectively asks the right questions that help you to realize the things you have been telling yourself that are holding you back. She gently helped me me refocus so that I could overcome obstacles, find renewed strength and achieve my goals in a way I never thought imaginable.
— Kirsten E.D.
Sharon Kelly is a lovely, open women. She is an excellent listener. When even I was unable to figure out exactly what next steps I needed to take at first, we always came up with a plan of action. It was wonderful to have someone to be accountable to, to stay on track. Because I had clear steps to follow, I was continually able to achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend this coach!
— Shawnda Wilson
I have known Sharon Kelly since 2013, when I became a Tourism Management student at Vancouver Island University. During these years at VIU, Sharon Kelly has been supporting me and helping me succeed and overcome any (and many) barriers/challenges that arose in my educational and life path as well as transitioning through changes. Sharon has an extensive background in coaching, teaching, planning, counselling, and in helping people in general. She is a very hard-working, knowledgeable person who has access to many helpful resources, and she always has a positive attitude, a big welcoming smile and an encouraging word of advice. From my experience with her, Sharon Kelly has proved to be an outstanding advisor and coach, and an even better person. In addition to her outstanding professional skills, Sharon has a big heart and she goes above and beyond her duties to help people. For all these reasons, it is a pleasure for me to recommend Sharon Kelly to anyone seeking a professional coach to help them achieve their dreams and goals.
— Marina Zaldumbide Nieto